Ripped fitness model shares secrets behind THOSE rock-hard abs – Daily Star

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Ripped fitness model shares secrets behind THOSE rock-hard abs – Daily Star

Emily Skye in workout outfit and bikini INSTAGRAM

HONED FIGURE: Emily Skye shares her advice for fitness beginners

Her super-toned physique and inspiring fitness advice have helped her rack up a combined social media following of more than 8.5million.

So Emily Skye is the perfect guru to talk us through tips for achieving a healthy and active lifestyle.

Speaking exclusively to, the Aussie beauty shared her key advice for someone who’s new to exercise but wants to lose weight fast. 

Emily said: “Start slowly and progress into it. Even if it’s just going for a walk, bike ride or swim – anything that’s gets you moving is a great start.”

Emily Skye flexing muscles in bikini INSTAGRAM

PUMPING IRON: Emily says lifting weights helps burn fat

The stunning star from the Gold Coast, Queensland, recommended finding a type of exercise that you love.

She continued: “Don’t run on a treadmill for hours if you hate it. I love circuit training and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions because they’re the most effective way to burn fat plus they don’t take long so I’m not spending hours and hours working out.

“Change up your training so you don’t get bored. It also keeps your body guessing which means it prevents plateaus.

“If you want to go for a run with a friend and you enjoy it then do it but the most efficient and effective way to lose fat is to focus on weight training and HIIT. But most importantly you have to have a healthy diet.”

When it comes to eating right, Emily recommends ditching the slimming pills and weight loss shakes because “cheap and easy fad diets don’t work”.

The 31-year-old said: “Don’t diet, make it a lifestyle. Diets don’t last, you’ve got to make it a lifestyle if you want to feel great all the time. Stop trying to look like someone else and just focus on being your best.

“Becoming healthy and fit isn’t ‘easy’, if someone tells you it is, they’re wrong. But I can guarantee you, all the work is worth it.

“When you choose to lead a healthy and fit life it should be a lifestyle and should be about balance: moving regularly, eating lots of nutritious foods and having treats in moderation.”

If you’re sick of being unhappy with yourself or your life then it’s up to you to start making changes! I used to be the most negative person and always complained about being unhappy and made excuses ALL the time… But those excuses didn’t change anything and they didn’t make me happy. One day I woke up and I decided I’d had enough. I decided that I wanted a more.. I wanted a life I was content with, I wanted to be confident in myself and LOVE myself which is something I’d never been close to doing.. In fact I hated myself which is no way to live. Feeling sorry for myself wasn’t going to make me happy or confident.. Exercising, eating healthy, changing the way I thought to be more positive and appreciating everything I already had made a HUGE difference. Every day you need to decide that you’re going to appreciate that day and make the most of it. Decide to work TOWARDS your goals and the person you want to be, not make excuses as to why you can’t! Nobody is going to make you happy unless you can make yourself happy. If you don’t learn to love yourself then you’re not going to take care of yourself properly and live your best life possible. Grab life with both hands, decide you want it more than you’re afraid of it, decide that you are worth it and just go for it!! No more excuses, no more putting yourself down, no more feeling sorry for yourself, no more worrying about what others might think.. No more hesitating! Go forward with a plan, go forward with intention and don’t look back unless it’s to compare yourself to who you used to be. Step out of your own way! This is your life and it’s your responsibility to make it the best life possible! . . ________________________________________ My Meals & Exercise Programs: – Click the link in my profile! My FREE Daily Workouts appsearch “Emily Skye” in the App Store. Workout vids: @emilyskyefitness . Snapchat: emilyskyefit . ✨Don’t forget to turn on your post notifications so you don’t miss my posts! ☺️ . #emilyskye #emilyskyefit #fit #fitness #fitfam #exercise #fitspo #fitlife #healthy #fitbody #beyourbest #mondaymotivation #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation

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Emily Skye in printed bikini INSTAGRAM

RIPPED: Emily advises weight training and HIIT sessions

The gym bunny also explained why you shouldn’t bother counting calories or weighing yourself and instead focus on eating natural, unprocessed foods.

She said: “Eat a variety of nutritious foods that nourish your body.

“The most efficient and effective way to lose fat is to focus on weight training and HIIT”

Emily Skye

“Learn about healthy food and create wholesome meals you enjoy. Don’t get too caught up in how many calories you’re having because a calorie from natural food full of nutrients is used differently in the body to a calorie from processed food.

“Stop looking at the scales. That number you see when you look down means nothing. I always tell people to stop worrying about how much they ‘weigh’ and focus on how you look and feel.

“Remember, muscle weighs more per area than fat does so you may gain ‘weight’ but be smaller with less body fat. Strive to be healthy and fit, and the rest will sort itself out.”

Emily Skye wearing tight black dressINSTAGRAM

PHWOAR: The fitness guru eats clean, unprocessed foods

The former model also wants to encourage more women to build muscle, as she says it’s a great way to achieve a chiseled yet feminine figure.

She added: “The biggest fitness misconception would have to be that weights will make women bulky. It’s just not true, and it actually is one of the fastest ways to lose fat, create amazing shape in your body and be ‘toned’.”

But if you really want to train hard like the gorgeous fitness fanatic, she’s even designed her own programme Fitness Inspiration Transformation (FIT) and released a free app dubbed Emily Skye’s Daily Workouts.

Emily explained: “Every day you get a new exercise to work through. It times you, it tracks for progress and you earn tokens to buy things in my store if you consistently workout.

“It’s a great way for someone who’s new to exercise to get them started.”

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