ER Doctor Shares Advice On How To Handle The Heat Wave – CBS Local

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ER Doctor Shares Advice On How To Handle The Heat Wave – CBS Local

By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Health officials in Philadelphia confirm a fourth person died in the city because of the weather during this week-long heatwave.

The soaring temps and humidity increase the odds of a medical emergency.

When it comes to the extreme heat, or the extreme cold for that matter, there is a jump in Emergency Room visits, says Doctor Christopher Hartwell from Abington Hospital – Jefferson Health.

(credit: Tim Jimenez)

(credit: Tim Jimenez)

In recent days, he says they’ve been busy.

“People getting muscle cramps. A little bit of dizziness, a little bit of fatigue. Not feeling well.”

He says those who need the most attention at this time are children, seniors and those with chronic illnesses. Still, Hartwell says no one should take the heat lightly.

“I think generally people who think they’re physically fit and think they can take on anything, they’re at risk as well. Just because no matter how physically fit you are, you’re at risk for this and you just have to realize that.”

Hartwell says this time of year, they can’t emphasize enough, the key is to stay on top water and electrolyte intake.

“Whether you’re a construction worker, you’re out gardening, or you’re just like my wife and likes to run everyday, if you’re starting to feel thirsty, at that point I think you’re behind the eight ball.”

He says if symptoms like dizziness, for example, gets worse, if someone faints or is confused, then they should be taken to the ER immediately.

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