Vancouver Aesthetic Doctor Offers Tips for Eye Care – Marketwired (press release)

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Vancouver Aesthetic Doctor Offers Tips for Eye Care – Marketwired (press release)

Vancouver aesthetic doctor discusses the best products and techniques to care for the most sensitive skin on your face

VANCOUVER, BC–(Marketwired – September 30, 2016) – As a medical aesthetic doctor, Dr. Roz Kamani reconciles health and beauty at her Skin Care Clinic in Kitsilano. Her latest blog tackles a particularly delicate subject: eye care. Based on her experience, Dr. Kamani offers her advice on the best products — and the correct application techniques — for eye cream. For more go to:

The blog begins by explaining why eye care is a fundamental part of any beauty regimen. As the founder of the Kitsilano Medical Aesthetic Clinic, Dr. Kamani acknowledges that with so many choices available, it can be difficult to find effective eye care products that offer fair value for money.

“I recommend SkinCeutical AOX Eye Gel,” says Dr. Kamani. “It’s a powerful treatment that helps protect against environmental damage and reduces puffiness and signs of fatigue.”

However, more important than her product recommendations, Dr. Kamani points out that the correct technique is vital when applying these products, especially to an area of very thin, delicate skin.

“Most people go too high — or they rub the product in, which is something you should never do,” explains Dr. Kamani. “Instead, dab the cream around the orbital socket and apply it using a series of light taps. This will ensure the delicate skin in this area doesn’t stretch.”

Dr. Kamani offers her favourite product recommendations for both young and mature skin, noting that a once-a-day application before bed is typically sufficient for women under 30.

“When you’re over 30, I generally recommend an AM and PM application for best results. For more mature skin, try SkinCeutical’s EYE BALM for extra emollience.”

For all ages, remember to finish off with a broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 50 sunscreen such as the SkinCeuticals Physical Eye UV defense.

To learn more about eye care and creating your own personalized skin care regimen, contact Dr. Kamani and the team at the Kitsilano Medical Aesthetic Clinic to book an appointment.

About Dr. Roz Kamani

Dr. Roz Kamani has been a respected expert in Medical Aesthetics for over thirteen years. Her Kitsilano based skin care clinic offers many sought-after treatments and procedures, such as Botox to treat facial and neck wrinkles, injectable dermal fillers for facial contouring, as well as volume enhancement and non-surgical facelifts. Dr Kamani is recognized as one of Vancouver’s premier Botox specialists and has advanced training in Medical Aesthetics. She is dedicated to revealing, protecting, and enhancing her patients’ full health and beauty potential.

For more information, log onto or call 604-222-9998.

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