All Natural Detox and Full Body Cleansing Instructional Video

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8 Responses for “All Natural Detox and Full Body Cleansing Instructional Video”

  1. ninamaemi says:

    Just started the detox cleanse today . Nice vid

  2. alinzan2010 says:

    If you are Malaysians and look for Jun Gong Detox Foot patch, contact me

  3. DmnCdy333 says:

    For me I strive to eat foods that are very easy to digest so it will be able to do what it needs to do and have as little as possilbe to do.So it can have as easy a job as possilbe to take care of the toxins it needs to.

  4. DmnCdy333 says:

    To my knowledge meat is indigestible to the human body. Not to meantion the worms in it that to my knowledge are not gotten rid of by cooking.To eat or not to eat this sort of substance is of course a thing of PERSONAL prefference.

  5. StudioSteiner says:

    However herein I shall respond to this video as I would. Such a response would be done by one such as myself. Let us say that I who has an opinion should therefore leave his meditations herein.
    It sounds like a robot did the voice over on this video. Who talks like that? 🙂
    I appreciate your production however I’d like to offer a tiny blip of advice.
    Don’t make people come to your level (so to speak) go to where they are and talk to them like a person.

  6. ilovejamesandmoney says:

    detox gives you good face

  7. LifeNJesus says:

    I don’t know that I agree with coconut oil as being a toxin for your body. Maybe if it was hydrogenated.

  8. wathoni says:

    Wealth of information, Thank you!

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