Brain Health Tips to Increase Your Memory, Concentration, Attention etc.

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15 Responses for “Brain Health Tips to Increase Your Memory, Concentration, Attention etc.”

  1. IeshaBeden says:

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  3. stokmarknes says:

    Improving my brain protects me from increased memory? Sign me in!

  4. willzurmacht says:

    Thanks I’ll try these…

  5. jacobromu says:

    @The3nlightened0ne So, you aren’t willing to share the science that convinced you of the truth of these claims? I suppose I can research it by myself, but I’ve been doing a bit of research and not finding anything, really.

    YOU said “These tips are factual

    -Neuroscience Major. ”

    So I’m asking you how you know these tips are factual.

  6. The3nlightened0ne says:


    This video was forwarded to me by my professor.

    If you need proof to these pointers, try researching.

    So you’re going to wait until these are proven then execute a brain enhancement plan?

  7. jacobromu says:

    @The3nlightened0ne I just meant that I have found very little science to back this up. I ‘m not making a claim. I am interested, and since you seem to be informed in this, you must have seen the science.

    got any links to scholarly sources I could check up on?

  8. The3nlightened0ne says:


    Fact: Religion is bullshit
    Science is the way to the truth.

    Now tell me, what do you claim false among these tips?

    And show me your proof.

  9. jacobromu says:

    @The3nlightened0ne Do you have peer reviewed research to back that up? Or should I take it on faith that you are indeed a neuroscience major.

    And I should take it on faith that a neuroscience major is neccessarily correct?

    This shit seems more like new age religion than neuroscience.

  10. The3nlightened0ne says:


    These tips are factual

    -Neuroscience Major.

  11. prashanth7412 says:

    Thank you verymuch sir for giving ur advice to improve our brain thanks a lot

  12. MrChrill123 says:

    So it Protect’s me from :
    Increasing my memory.. Fuck i wanted to increase that
    and Shapening my concentration dam ;S

  13. CoasterCloud says:

    @jacobromu Oh, but there is. There is. Research.

  14. jacobromu says:

    There is very little science to show that thse have any benefit

  15. betabrain says:


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