Don’t be a Wilbert!

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Have you ever accused or been accused of having ‘Man-Flu’? New research from Pfizer reveals the term adopted to ridicule men when they are sick could actually be having a negative impact, which is just not cricket! This research shows these attitudes could mean that serious health conditions such as heart disease or diabetes are being left undetected — and therefore untreated, like the poor fellow Wilbert in this clip. So don’t be a Wilbert yourself — go to to speak with a qualified GP to get medical advice on a broad range of health issues in total confidence — running every Monday between 6pm and 10pm. There’s a good chap. Our GPs can talk to you about any health problem, suggest the best course of action to take, and direct you to appropriate health services if necessary. However, as they do not have access to your medical records and are not able to perform a clinical examination, they cannot give individualised medical advice or offer a specific medical diagnosis. The Man MOT online surgery is funded by Pfizer and is supported by National Obesity Forum, Men’s Health Forum, Sexual Advice Association, Relate, HEART UK and Diabetes UK. Date of preparation November 2010 CA000964

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