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www.DrWeilVitaminAdvisor.com http www.wtvblog.com http www.drweil.com Welcome to the launch of WTV OCE this is a new edition Most People have heard of Dr. Andrew Weil, he is a physician, author, professor and wellness advocate or fans of his knows him as the healthy giving advice doctor. A little history about Dr. Andrew he was born in Philadelphia, during his college in the year of 1968 at Harvard Medical School, he received an AB degree in biology at the same time, he also completed a medical internship at Mt. Zion Hospital in San Francisco. After the internship, he worked at the National Institute of Mental Health for one year, after that Dr. Andrew began his journey of writing his first book now called ” The Natural Mind.” After his first book, he wrote seven different books, First book title is ” The Natural Mind” second book title ” The Marriage of the Sun and Moon.” Third book title ” From Chocolate to Morphine, fourth book title ” Health and Healing “, fifth book title ” natural Health, sixth book title ” Natural Medicine and the seventh book title ” Spontaneous Healings. After that, at the same time he has published monthly articles on line, his most popular site is the Time — Warner Pathfinder network. Which is www. Drweil.com. Dr. Andrew is also the founder for the Foundation for Integrative medicine in Tucson, also the editor in chief of the journal integrative Medicine. If fans want to read more of his books, they can find it on Amazon.com Tags Dr. Andrew
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