HEALTH TIPS for a positive life with love!

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25 Responses for “HEALTH TIPS for a positive life with love!”

  1. Angelwise11 says:

    “Just cut the line baby…” Dan the man

  2. PirateMySoap says:

    “Let it penetrate your Ora” …O.o

  3. Youngminded4eva says:

    love these videos dan, keep doing them.

  4. blackknight509 says:

    Great great great.

  5. poo23414 says:

    @SpotTheSteez Oh yeah you will get CANCER and DIE…the sun is soooo BAD!

  6. SpotTheSteez says:

    Too much sun isnt good for your skin.

  7. andynickson says:

    you are the coolest dude ever Dan the man!
    I usually never comment…but Hats off brother…

  8. nEWwORLDhOARDER says:

    You rock Dan. I’m gonna bob to the top. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  9. chaunceyfritz85 says:

    i listen to all genres of music including metal and to be fair it is not all about kill kill kill. some of it is actually very complex and inspiring. generalization is a cancer of society

  10. MrDiscordinated says:

    hey a cool bruce lee analogy A cork on the ocean . 1 love dan !

  11. ghryjuy says:

    make you day perfect withnaughty girls

  12. CvfdreMnbgvcc says:

    No way out man Russian women ** **

  13. goddess72586 says:

    im crying!

  14. koreamy says:

    Thank you
    Love, Amy

  15. chi854 says:

    Don’t Forget negetive hip hop dan.

  16. sherryleemartinez1 says:


  17. biglogstrongman says:

    What a wake up call. Thanks Dan!!

  18. FAILVLOGdotcom says:

    how do you feel about the fluoridation of our water?

  19. mohara12 says:

    Hi Dan, this was such a great video thank you so much, when ever I feel Im down or failing I watch your videos and you bring me back and make me see sence your so amazing, thank you, you help me so much x

  20. iamanasha says:

    @dinos98 Funny that the military guy walks through and salutes right after the UFO! LOL!

  21. iamanasha says:

    I’m a Chistian-Buddist-who-chance-hari christna. I don’t know how I spelled that, but yes!

  22. Davidwhat says:

    Big Bird was flying a UFO?

  23. curtishoho says:

    this is spot on dan!!! when you say that it’s important to surround yourself with positive messages, I couldn’t agree more. For months i would listen to conversations with god books 1,2,3 whenever i had a chance. Ive fully absorbed that info and let me tell you it’s a saturating. Right now i’m loving what abraham hicks has to say, pure love, pure wisdom. I dig you so good dan, soo good 🙂

  24. bavwill says:

    @dinos98 A flappy winged UFO! I saw!!

  25. fkoti says:

    Wow Dan there was something flying behind you! It definitely was not a bird, birds do not fly that fast.

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