Health Tips for the New Year

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Sense About Science has just released their annual report on stupid things celebrities say: Power Balance Wrist Bands busted in Australia: Buy Placebo Bands here: And here’s why that news on placebos might not be so true:

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  1. thelleht says:

    @screenflicker1 She never mentioned millilitres.

  2. screenflicker1 says:

    remember though that assumes 1gm=1ml. Which means density is 1g/cc

  3. screenflicker1 says:

    @thelleht someone’s paying attention

  4. Ensiferu says:

    eating charcoal can be very healthy as it may prevent you from dieing if you ingested something poisonous before

  5. thelleht says:

    If an ejaculate has 15mg of protein and a steak has 30g, then a steak has 2000 times the protein not 200 times like the video said.

  6. Jzend001 says:

    where did you get your jacket from?

  7. Shawnruss says:

    Placebo has a lot to do with psychology actually.
    Steven Novella even states ‘mood’ and ‘belief’ have a lot to do with why placebo seems to have some effect.
    Very few studies have been done regarding animals and placebo. Animals can be psychologically ‘tricked’ to respond to placebos. Researches put medicine (say, immuno-suppression) in distinctively flavored drink [administered to dogs] after the meds were removed, the brain associated the taste, and some immune suppresion was noted

  8. nnnjc1 says:

    you are so unenthusiastic you drain the life out of me

  9. daemonowner says:

    @musicman02 Lol wtf.

  10. musicman02 says:

    It doesn’t matter if sperm doesn’t contain the same protein by weight as steak.

    Also, he’s not suggesting anyone eat it and he’s not saying he does eat it.

    He’s suggesting that by not blowing his load he is saving energy, which he would have to reclaim (very slowly) by eating that variety of food, and waiting some time. He claims this practice makes him more aggressive.

    Guess what, it’s true. He’s not deluding himself. You just wanted to enjoy belittling a man 🙂

  11. ShawnD1 says:

    Throwing up is for losers. Real men and women eat a hand full of vitamin C pills then have diarrhea for maybe 2-3 hours.
    (yes it actually does that)

  12. ShawnD1 says:

    That shirt is so awesome.

  13. LonesomeTroubadour says:

    I used to be on the glazed doughnut and pez diet.

  14. fabiocool874 says:

    hahaha funny

  15. szabikabika says:

    reabsorb that stuff, I am not sure what he meant by that, If he thought of not releasing it at all we should give him credit though, just one load carries huge amount of energy, the body takes a while to produce that, and an 18 ounce dry aged cowboy cut prime buffalo rib eye will not replenish that I assure you, does not matter how much protein it has. You release za sperm you’re history in the cagefighting business

  16. daemonowner says:

    Regarding the cage fighter ‘reabsorbing’ his semen, were the hell does he think it comes from? His body! He produces it! So not only is he not gaining a net benefit, but he is expending energy to have sex!

  17. dave28lax says:

    Re: the semen guy – what can you expect from someone who fights cages?

  18. acftmech777 says:

    How high does the temp go on that hoodie? I think it is really cleaver idea Rebecca tell your mom it was a win for a present!

  19. CarbonSuit says:

    i love how people need to be reminded that athletes are superstitious. maybe we should all start wearing our baseball caps inside out for better health too.

  20. JaguarEscarlata says:

    I’m going to make the “raaaahh” into my battlecry… or my orgasmcry.

  21. weberbeat says:

    You’re cool, Rebecca. -5°C or even 20°F.

  22. salerio61 says:

    I’ve been trying to convince my g/f about the nutritional properties of semen for years.

  23. AUSEAOTTER says:

    200? Slow night.

  24. rayoat says:

    your great, come accross 1 of your clips about 2 hours ago and now its 5 am … !
    You very funny and intelligent, and in responce to 1 of your other videos? you look great too :))

  25. salamirterra says:

    Getting activated charcoal and regular charcoal mixed up is an epic way to have some bad meals.

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