Healthy Eating: Healthy Foods and Recipes

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Healthy Eating makes you feel better and look better. This video by syndicated columnist Rita Heikenfeld shows you recipes, cooking tips and is a guide to healthy eating. Information on healthy drinks, flax, soy and whole grains. Featuring Rita Heikenfeld from
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25 Responses for “Healthy Eating: Healthy Foods and Recipes”

  1. myhealthytribe says:

    Spa water is good, I tried it.

  2. youmatter82 says:

    Hey this lady talks sense..this info is back up with information found on this site…the same principle applies: eat and drink healthily=healthy and TRIM body! check my video on how to lose weight fast..talks about the foods which optimise your metabolism!

  3. MichaelnChristine says:

    I’m not sure what fairy-tales and imaginary friends have to do with healthy food….

  4. laraaiam55 says:

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  5. RecipeCook says:

    It’s really delicious

  6. myhealthytribe says:

    Excellent information. I guess I have been at the wrong spa. I will definitely try the recipe for spa water.

  7. taroreyes0 says:

    The more healthy recipes the more to cook and enjoy eating. check out my channel few good tips 🙂

  8. juliecharrison75 says:

    The spa water is great, and Rita gives some excellent advice about how to easily add some common, healthy foods to our daily menus.

  9. Iherbdotcomfan says:

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  10. ciciliciousnyc says:

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  11. GustWrittah says:

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  12. usausaarmy says:


  13. RecipeCook says:

    It’s one of my most requested drinks.

  14. freshgreendotcom says:

    Thanks! Useful tips. I like the spa water.

  15. secretstuffish says:

    eat well exerscice well you will stay fit

  16. mssheereen11 says:

    healthy food, interesting.

  17. cescalade03 says:

    Works for me >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  18. cescalade03 says:

    Works for me>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  19. eastcoaster54 says:


  20. Anarchist711 says:

    I’m 16 years old… but I wish I had a mom who cooked like this

  21. Hurleychic88 says:

    Wonderful vid

  22. dwalker1311 says:

    Please watch my weight loss videos at my channel!!!! Thank u so much!!!

  23. RecipeCook says:

    The spa water is just sooo good, and good for you.

  24. RecipeCook says:

    Bringing the Bible into it was key. This video was part of a presentation I had on eating from the garden of Eden. Not all the foods mentioned were Biblical in nature but they were all foods geared to good health.

  25. roundlady says:

    Love the spa water!

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