Healthy Food Ideas for Busy People

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Healthy Food Ideas for Busy People As promised, this is the link to subscribe for more healthy tips and info on the upcoming programme that Luci and I are working on.
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25 Responses for “Healthy Food Ideas for Busy People”

  1. Diana Siepmann says:

    Healthy Food Ideas for Busy People – If you missed our live event on this
    subject, you are invited to watch the recording. If you enjoy it, please
    give us the thumbs up and share the video with anyone who might benefit.
    You can also still leave your comments and questions in the comment section
    below the video.

  2. Luci Gabel says:

    Hi, Charlotte. Thanks for stopping bye!

  3. Vance Morris says:

    Hi Luci patti and Vance here

  4. sandamorim says:

    I’ve heard of the salad in a jar!

  5. siobhan110 says:

    For my big shops, I go through the aisles and buy what we need. I always
    have the same ‘store cupboard’ items in my house, and we tend to buy the
    same range of fresh fruit and veg.

  6. sandamorim says:

    Busy Mom

  7. Evita Naumova says:

    great tips, thanks, ladies!

  8. Mette Österberg says:

    shopping list

  9. hipinocha says:

    busy mum + otherwise busy :-)

  10. siobhan110 says:

    I rarely buy processed foods, so ‘impulse’ buys not such a big deal, as my
    menu planning happens quite naturally.

  11. MenWhoChange says:

    thanks for the great ideas! Looking forward to the next time at your hang

  12. sandamorim says:

    The picture has worked

  13. Julie Cockburn says:

    Semi-pro for sure! Can’t imagine trying to cook with a mini-knife :-)

  14. Luci Gabel says:

    Thanks, Evita!

  15. Luci Gabel says:

    Hi, Patti and Vance!

  16. adriana rivera says:

    Ah sorry yes Im from México living in Germany

  17. Evita Naumova says:

    not using semi professional, but decent size knives for sure. and
    sharpening them before each use. also have learned to have less but better
    quality tools (pans, e.g.)

  18. MenWhoChange says:

    we’ve been tuned in from the start: Paul & Liz – Binghamton, New York, USA

  19. Diana Siepmann says:

    Hi everyone, there seems to have been an overload to Luci’s webpage which
    caused the subscriptions not to go through. Please try again now.

  20. Mette Österberg says:

    Thank you! It was great listening!

  21. sandamorim says:

    Question: wood or plastic cutting board? I’ve heard wood is actually more
    hygienic, is it true? I’m wary of using too much plastic

  22. siobhan110 says:

    Hi, Siobhan here, in Ottignies, Belgium. Just figured out how to write a

  23. Nichola Heer says:

    shopping list

  24. sandamorim says:

    Yes loves broccoli!

  25. MenWhoChange says:

    We are blessed! May you become blessed, as well!

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