How Does Drinking Water Fight Disease?

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For health tips, download free health reports at In this segment, Dr. Isaac Eliaz explains the crucial role that water plays in our overall health. Depending on your gender, water comprises between 50 and 60 percent of your entire body—and in Chinese Medicine, it is considered the body’s essential lubricant, allowing for communication between vital organs and facilitating proper flow. Unfortunately, the majority of people of chronically dehydrated—a reflection of our fast-paced lives, and a contributing factor to the growing epidemics of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other inflammatory conditions. To stay healthy it is crucial that you drink enough water daily, as opposed to carbonated beverages, which only contribute to dehydration. In order to get the most benefits from this basic human substance, drink eight or more glasses a day, 15 to 30 minutes before any meals to ensure proper digestion of your food. For more great health information check out and download free health reports at http

12 Responses for “How Does Drinking Water Fight Disease?”

  1. Rhythmrancher1 says:

    Awesome information!!! 🙂

  2. Killerjosh89 says:

    i love water

  3. ProPilot1991 says:

    thanks helped me very much in my ppt

  4. PARANA says:

    very true fact about the headaches, I stopped taking painkillers and just drank a few glasses of water when I got headaches and it went away in no time

  5. lynnegordon says:

    @mrsblue82 Mrs Blue, you may want to try The Oxygen Therapy Program to correct the past issues with you health. It will hydrate our body faster and provide badly needed oxygen to your cells to fight inflammation.

  6. mrsblue82 says:

    i feel so dumb i went so many years not drinking water,but sodas and juices and i ate ice until i ruined my teeth thinking that the ice was my water. now i am paying for it i had so many problems with my health from sinus issues to body odor and i mean many issues i stayed at the doctor office getting meds for something this went on for about 15 years. I started drinking water and this are clearing up like crazy. the last thing to go is my dry mouth but the breath is better Thank God

  7. ROCKSGGLP says:

    It’s simple , more clean water helps . Drink it !

  8. cologero1 says:

    I drink about 68 fl oz of water daily sometimes more but never less.

  9. padredavid123 says:

    Thanks for this quality information on why water is so important to our well being, balance, and optimum health. ionized water

  10. Kymbyrr says:

    and now imagine living with Sjogren’s Syndrome. you literally ARE dehydrated ALL the time- no matter how much water you drink.

  11. girlinseattle says:

    Read the book, “The Body’s Many Cries for Water.”

  12. nikii4900 says:

    am a water addict

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