Ricky Gervais (LOL) – Health advice to not contract HIV (Out of England)

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LMAO! So funny, Ricky at his best! out of england stand up
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25 Responses for “Ricky Gervais (LOL) – Health advice to not contract HIV (Out of England)”

  1. zombiewoof63 says:

    Nope, don’t have a clue. Never heard of it.

  2. TheRoflknif says:

    @zombiewoof63 i thought you would know

  3. TheSilentPassion says:

    1984 likes so far. Nobody like until Orwell says so

  4. zombiewoof63 says:

    You took the trouble to reply to my message but not to Google ‘The Office’

  5. TheRoflknif says:

    @zombiewoof63 Yes ok but what is ‘the office”

  6. zombiewoof63 says:


    He co-wrote and directed ‘The Office’.

  7. TheRoflknif says:

    what does he mean by the office

  8. LynkxMan says:

    @Nzeexruos Thought I was the only one laughing my head off at that, I think it’s ‘cos there’s just no relation between the walk and the fact he’s asking “Why not throw in an onion?”

  9. maxhui says:

    31 people have relation with fruits.

  10. amandla22323 says:

    “see, i f****** told ya!” :))))))))))))

  11. fluffykat1 says:

    31 people are allergic to fruit

  12. bradkey98765 says:

    @Ubiitsa91 You can’t prove that Ricky Gervais is real.

  13. amor987654321 says:

    haha i love the guy who is just laughing so hard at 1:40

  14. loro333 says:

    hey! thanks for the tips! 😀

  15. SMaRtguy381983 says:

    let’s do one, NOW.

  16. Nzeexruos says:


    I dunno what it is about that walk he does, but fuckin’ A, it gets me every time.

  17. tubbyloo1 says:

    that is the funnyest shit ever
    out a window

  18. ogfunk187 says:

    I cum out of a window everyday, although the rest of the people on the train tend not to like it.

  19. JJJJJPPPPP27 says:

    1.Office 2.Shakespeare 3.Dickins

  20. shannonbriggs100 says:

    I sooo want read all of that leaflet!

  21. LadyVLR says:

    Wouldn’t number 10 spread more disease than prevent it?! LOL, crazy that that leaflet was actually printed; at least we could get some laughs out of it. Great delivery.

  22. 1947Gentleman says:

    You may very well say that – I could not possibly comment

  23. HowManyTimes234 says:

    @1947Gentleman cum

  24. 1947Gentleman says:

    Note the glossy sheen in his hair – what does he use?

  25. MckMick says:


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