Simple & Healthy Dinner Ideas!

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yayyy! thumbs up for more health videos! :) follow me around healthy grocery shopping! Follow me! :) TWITTER – https://t…
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25 Responses for “Simple & Healthy Dinner Ideas!”

  1. SimplyIzzy13 says:

    Ahhhh thank you for this

  2. Sarah Slas says:

    Bree, i love you! You are so inspirational and i love how you are so
    independent! Keep up the healthy living lifestyle because its so amazing!

  3. Iulia Nicolescu says:

    I’ve never tried spaghetti squash before… Could anyone tell me what it
    tastes like?… Just out of curiosity if I was ever gonna try it. Thanks!:)

  4. Regina Katherine says:

    Yay I have been waiting for you to do this video! I’m so going to try the
    spaghetti squash recipe! 

  5. mushk ell says:

    OMFG I have the same grill as u

  6. Jasmine Lin says:

    I love your videos and I love youuuuuu! Watching your vids always makes me
    happy!! :) 

  7. Arianna Kasparian says:

    Love these ideas and love your videos! I will try them all

  8. Danica Jennings says:

    PS your channel has inspired me to eat healthier! You’re the best :) 

  9. Mara Panzerini says:

    I love this kind of vids <3 love youuu

  10. Clara Kim says:

    It’s amazing!! love love love this video

  11. Allison Coe says:

    Literally had spaghetti squash earlier today! Sooooo good

  12. dollylove1000 says:

    They look amazing

  13. LedsinY says:

    what is that ._. yellow ball :( 

  14. Sanjana Navani says:

    Hollaa :) Please follow me on twitter @sanjana_navani saw your tweet :D 

  15. Crystal Pascual says:

    These all look super delicious and made me so hungry 

  16. Tabitha Killian says:

    I’m going to try out ALL of those recipes! Thanks for sharing!

  17. MakeupAndMegan7 says:

    Love you so much Cambria! Do you think maybe you could do a vegetarian
    edition of this video someday?

  18. Jihye Jung says:

    Fooooooddddddd <3

  19. cinloykko says:

    Lovely recipes! I love these “what I eat” videos. It gives me so many ideas :-) 

  20. Erica Schumacher says:

    heyyyy! ;) Just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE these types of videos!
    They inspire me to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle! You are truly
    a role model to me and I’m so glad I discovered your channel! :) Love you!

  21. Maureen Lynch says:

    I think all the organic stuff, and grass fed and all that stuff is stupid,
    but everyone has their own opinion I guess..

  22. Alexis Dominie says:

    Hi! I love your videos there so great! 

  23. ellemoicolors says:

    As healthy as always :D
    Thanks beautiful

  24. Haylee Torres says:

    You said trader joes so many times

  25. Elana Sadok says:

    I was watching chelsea’s vid prank calling people and when she called u i
    didn’t hear what u said. What did u say that was so funny? btw love u :) 

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