The Big Bread Lie, The Whole Truth, Nutrition by Natalie

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Be My Friend on MySpace Nutrition by Natalie Website The Big Bread Lie, The Whole Truth, Nutrition by Natalie Food companies often put misleading claims on packaging. You whole wheat bread might be nothing more than white bread that died to look brown. Are Food Makers Lying? Fake Fiber, Nutrition by Natalie http What is Fiber, Truth about Fiber, Nutrition by Natalie Super Food & Health Food, Buckwheat, Nutrition by Natalie Whole Foods vs. Processed Foods – Nutrition by Natalie Super Food & Health Food, Sprouts, Nutrition by Natalie The FDA Conspiracy & Bleached Flour, Austin Nutrition Fat To Sexy Fit Secret For Girls & Boys, What Foods to Eat This video was produced by psychetruth Music by Jimmy Gelhaar http Psychetruth is empowered by TubeMogul © Copyright 2008 Zoe Sofia. Thisvideo may be displayed in public, copied and redistributed for any strictly non-commercial use in its entire unedited form. Alteration or commercial use is strictly prohibited. Distributed by Tubemogul.

25 Responses for “The Big Bread Lie, The Whole Truth, Nutrition by Natalie”

  1. kumikoStarss says:

    @tkuliocowske – First of all, thank you for your response. Well, I am interested on cleansing my body from the chemicals I have been consuming for so long, that is medications. I have no idea where do painkillers accumulate in the body– maybe a detox of the colon and liver? Would greatly appreciate your insight on this. And thank you ahead of time for your replies!

  2. Vaicurious says:

    This is ignorance, gullibility and naivety being bred (lol) by your videos. It’s just bread, not some horrible deformation, and the “healthy” breads are more expensive than regular bread- and this “superior” bread is what paranoid, middle upper class hypochondriacs like you eat while children starve all around the world.

    It’s BREAD.

  3. chocfudge23 says:

    all your vids are very insightful. thanks for sharing such precious info. you inspire me to make my life better!! 🙂

  4. chocfudge23 says:

    all your vids are very insightful. thanks for sharing such precious info. you inspire to make my life better!! 🙂

  5. tkuliocowske says:

    @WoBr i would hope they don’t! though, it seems that people who create things that are bad for your health tend to be in denial of that fact since they have so much invested in the product…

  6. tkuliocowske says:

    @kumikoStarss if you are more specific on what sort of detox you are looking into I can probably help you locate some information. there are a number of detoxes, from heavy metals, to colon cleanses, to liver detox. A good way to conduct an excellent detox is to go on a 3 day organic apple fast. your body is set up to naturally detox and while fasting on apples alone your body has the time to cleanse. check it out, and let me know what you’re looking for. peace =]

  7. dharmesha13 says:

    @kimyoobin07 don’t eat bread? or do a simple google search on where to find it

  8. 631838 says:

    I love you. It can be deadly or worse to lose touch with nature while in the midst of all of this new technology. Even the healthiest of breads don’t grow out of the ground, you know.

  9. kimyoobin07 says:

    i can’t find any 100% whole wheat or grain bread ? wht should i do then ?

  10. Thensolomonsaid says:

    @tkuliocowske You have a valid point.But i think a dead mouse gets more exercise than your average American.Their jaws gets the most exercise.and not just from eating mostly from all the shit that they speak.

  11. wisesakura says:

    thanks… Natalie, come back!

  12. vk4akp says:

    She’s 100% total Spunk! I bet she’s good 4U! 😉

  13. tkuliocowske says:

    Ezekiel 4:9 is some good stuff. I have been eating that for a few years, almost every morning as toast. The sprouted grain and the organic ingredients make it one of the healthiest bread choices you can make.

  14. tkuliocowske says:

    @dean2663 There are a number of extraneous variables that come into play in that equation. Italians and Europeans eat healthier and exercise more than Americans anyway, so just the fact that they eat white bread doesn’t prove white bread is not bad for you.

  15. MissPonderosa says:

    @dean2663 its a different part of the world and different resources. Their flour is different to ours

  16. toxsickdog says:

    I only eat sprouted whole grain bread that has NO flour. white enriched flour is
    one of the worst things that can be put into a digestive system. It will clog up your colon, that’s why there is an epidemic of colon cancer, but the fda won’t
    tell you that.

  17. female115 says:

    @cheesebud676 Are you white?
    By the way Milk is bad. Look it up.

  18. SteveSabbai says:

    …very informative, thxu

  19. Mrgoldsilver1 says:

    Unbelievable……. I have been buying white bread in disguise from Marks and Spencers!! Never Again.

  20. Frenchy7652 says:

    Natalie is just so cute

  21. InnerTubing2 says:

    I just LOVE you Natalie!!! You are INCREDIBLY informative… I’M VOTING THUMBS UP WITH YOUR VIDEOS :0) PLEASE keep them coming!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

  22. KezoZydis says:

    I’ve been eating Ezekiel bread ever since I saw your video and I don’t think I can ever go back to the fake wheat breads sold at regular supermarkets now that I know what real whole wheat is like.

  23. liabeachy says:

    i agree with the confusion of healthy bread, like italians etc, japanese live to incredible old age and rice is a large part of their food. so make your own bread, become one the amish lol , i agree to be as natural as possible but common sense is really lacking for most of every new information we are fed. salute

  24. raiyneofgailin says:

    @0oSektoRo0 and the nutritional pyramid was created by the government with ZERO scientific evidence that it is good for you – actually, there is a TON of evidence to the contrary. Carbs are helping pave the way to the type 2 diabetes crisis we are facing.

  25. raiyneofgailin says:

    You have a great start, but know that cholesterol isn’t a bad thing (unless you have high DENSE LDL, the bad part of LDL). Very good research. 🙂 Also, the Sara Lee whole grain white bread is made of 30% whole grain from a different species of wheat that is lighter and sweeter, and the rest – yes – is probably white bread. Oh, and keep an eye out for breads with high fructose corn syrup. You DON’T want to be eating these, otherwise you’re killing the point of eating whole wheat bread.

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