The Three Basic Health Tips for Wellness by Better Body Nutrition Austin

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The Three Basic Health Tips for Wellness by Better Body Nutrition Austin In this video Joseph summates all nutrition and wellness practices into three simple tips. These three tips are the secret to living a health long and happy life. This may seem very simple but its not doing these three things that cause illness, disease, discomfort and early death. Be My Friend Better Body Clinical Nutrition Joseph E. Strickland, ACN Applied Clinical Nutritionist This video was produced by Psychetruth http Psychetruth is empowered by TubeMogul. Music by Jimmy Gelhaar © Copyright 2010 Target Public Media LLC. All Rights Reserved.

25 Responses for “The Three Basic Health Tips for Wellness by Better Body Nutrition Austin”

  1. TheInterspeed says:

    LOL he is in microsoft xp world !

  2. silentkiller839 says:

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  3. createharmony says:

    how can anyone take advice from a man who is obviously overweight and unhealthy??????

    he should help himself get in perfect health before he helps anyone else!!!!

  4. FatReleaseSystem says:

    Love the video work nice keep them coming! When you have time come
    visit my channel!

  5. fullyhealth says:

    the best site for health and fitness

  6. vevenaneathna says:

    “Too many times people try to ignore their own observations and try and just believe what someone else thinks”
    um. isnt that completely hypocritical of your whole rant on processed foods.
    most nutritionists dont have the chemistry education to understand a tenth of the shit they talk about.
    I wouldnt believe a word they say

  7. satanism90 says:

    yes, its right

  8. kosamaofficial says:

    Thanks for sharing the tips.

  9. MrSuperfood1 says:

    Today with global markets connected, and shipping channels moving to and from all corners of the Earth, NO disease or disorder should exist. Our bodies are made up of CELLS…not our EGO. Cells. We are the Periodic Table, and when you are missing or out of balance on certain elements found in nature…it creates the path for disorder and disease. We are what we eat, and great nutrition is available to almost everyone! To learn more about my experience (EASY.5minutetour) hit my site!

  10. rubiobosterito says:

    you`re very fat

  11. IanALane says:

    He’s got good ideas, but many people won’t give a damn, because at least Natalie LOOKED like she followed her own advice.

  12. sleestack808 says:

    oh for fuck sake

  13. quarknimble says:

    if joseph here will eat right, his face will shrink a bit and he won’t have such puffy cheeks. he appears to be somewhat overweight, like most americans.

  14. ComradeRama says:

    If you are not on a vegan diet/strictly plant based diet, then you are not eating right.
    It’s that simple.

    Become a vegan.
    Get fresh produce at the grocery and prepare the meal yourself in your kitchen. Put some love into it and eat. That’s how you do it and if you’re like me you’ll add the Martial Arts in the equation. Now that’s healthy living.

  15. MrWantonoital says:

    right on! good vid

  16. MandolinoFan says:

    thx a lot!

  17. studentoflife01 says:

    @Ali2m I wonder who else from milwaukee subscribes to this channel?

  18. genefire says:

    Thank you for this information it is priceless!

  19. Ali2m says:

    I live in Milwaukee too.

  20. MuslimahWarrior says:

    Great advice:)
    I agree.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy healthy living!

  21. bluesgurugod says:

    Eat right?

    You look like you got the Chicken Wings and Oreos diet down pat…

    Thanks Dr. Pepper…

  22. BadassMMA says:

    Yeah. Don´t go to sleep too late but I often do that and many people sleep too little so they have to drink coffee or something to stay awake. I should go to bed earlier but most of my trainings like karate, boxing and MMA are pretty late. The MMA training is to 10.30 PM and I can´t sleep right after.

  23. BadassMMA says:

    Ok. I have read that stress is bad for your skin and your overall health like if you stress too much. So it´s not so bad with stress if you eat the right food?

  24. soccom8341576 says:

    Sir, you must sleep right too.

  25. fairno2 says:

    2 q’s! who has 8 minutes for “3 basic tips”?!! why dont people talk way faster?

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