TV Addiction: Myth or Fact? (Mental Health Guru)

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From reality TV to soap operas, TV watching is a favorite American pastime. But is it possible to actually have an addiction to television?
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17 Responses for “TV Addiction: Myth or Fact? (Mental Health Guru)”

  1. MrBoomSonic says:

    TV used to be a brain washing tool during war time =D that’s why

  2. ZebrasTurnPink says:

    @yesman456 IKR? That’s what happened to me LMFAO

  3. monica49nbfgre says:

    Russian Lady needs to meet you ** **

  4. windex1234 says:

    im addicted to youtube.

  5. DonReedProductions says:

    Our family does watch TV maybe a total of 3 to 5 hours per month. Yes, per month! But as agreed with some of the other comments, the computer has our attention for 5 to 8 hours per day.

  6. eyeojo says:

    TV may not be the right word to use, how about media (Internet, movies, TV)

  7. MalditoPalhaco says:

    So What

  8. yesman456 says:

    i used to watch tv alot until i got access to the internet i never watched tv agen..

  9. FITA443 says:

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    o video ja esta entre um dos mais sobre o assunto

  10. moukdge says:

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  11. TheRodeia says:


  12. TheRulezzzzzz says:

    @astreetmonster0 weed gets u relaxed as well…

  13. astreetmonster0 says:

    weed manifest alpha waves as well and gives u the munchies haha

  14. xsecretfiles says:

    I only spend 4 to 5 hrs on Sunday…however I do spend a lot more hrs infront of a computer

  15. oguzhan979 says:

    can you do an another video for internet addiction too?

  16. sofiamedia says:

    I found this video pretty interesting. The rapidly shifting images also appear with video games and with the most recent movies. Does this mean that most media is no longer healthy for us?

  17. yoaznnigga says:

    hes too excited

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