Understanding HIV and AIDS (HIV #1)

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Over one million Americans have the sexually transmitted virus, HIV, which can lead to the deadly disease known as AIDS. Understanding HIV and AIDS is the first step in dealing with this STD.Watch More Health Videos at Health Guru: www.healthguru.com
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25 Responses for “Understanding HIV and AIDS (HIV #1)”

  1. Krissii17 says:

    @ShinobiShiranui Do you have a sense of humor?

  2. JOHN411S says:

    View, Safe Sex In A Bottle, on YouTube

  3. COPMMUSIC says:

    I talked to a BLACK WOMAN today….does that mean I have AIDS!? hahahaha stupid people with AIDS!!

  4. HIVVideos says:

    @freelancegemma i would be more pressed to say the Rethinking AIDS website or The Perth Group

  5. HIVVideos says:

    @ema1171224 There has to be a virus in order to follow up with a vaccine this is why the AIDS Industry keeps making the same ol excuses and the Same concept for the infamous “HIV Tests” which lacks the Gold Standard… namely “HIV”.

  6. HIVVideos says:

    @ScarBro2006 “The bilogical weapon” you are referring to is the infamous “Robert Gallo HIV Test” that only picks up non specific antibodies and not “HIV”. It is true that there is a racist parallel with Blacks and Latino’s being tested more so than whites however the people you should be angry with is the Black AIDS Institute for being the most racist hipocrites with their own race. They now have labled “AIDS” as a black disease when “AIDS” is a phony medical construct.

  7. pugghead says:

    If I watched this video do I have Aids now?

  8. rachid13795 says:

    @ShinobiShiranui I think he is !

  9. ShinobiShiranui says:

    @bigjaykay1987 no you’re not infected

  10. ema1171224 says:

    People with AIDS eventually develop life-threatening infections and can die from these infections. Currently, there is no vaccine against HIV.

  11. slanderskikio says:

    @bigjaykay1987 yep…goodbye my friend x

  12. freelancegemma says:

    It is so important to be educated about the risks that come with an active sex life and we should also be educated about all the measures you can take to protect yourself against these dangers.
    And extra measure you can take is by taking the antiviral supplement Gene-Eden-for-Safer-Sex which can help boost the immune system against sexually transmitted diseases.
    Check out the Gene Eden website for more info.

  13. SuperVancouverBC says:

    good for u. speaking out about it. u dont need to be ashamed. u r as normal as a person who has cancer.

  14. tala12345678 says:

    @sharabeing how did you find out that you are i positive?

  15. HUTINAK says:

    She’s Hot

  16. sharabeing says:

    I have HIV and I am really not ashamed of it. There are a lot of friends like me on the site STDchats.com. ==We encourage each other and lead a positive lifestyle.We make friends like normal people.

  17. DionDJVJ says:

    racism and sexism just had 2 pop up
    its getting old!

  18. stefaknee4444 says:


    you are an idiot. watch the video. maybe you’ll learn something.

  19. stefaknee4444 says:


    you are an idiot. watch the video. maybe you’ll learn something.

  20. stefaknee4444 says:


    you are an idiot. watch the video. maybe you’ll learn something.

  21. stefaknee4444 says:


    you are an idiot. watch the video. maybe you’ll learn something.

  22. TheWhiteGeorgeBush31 says:

    You don’t have to worry about aids if your a straight white male. if your black or a fag, your screwed because God is punnishing you for being black or liking to suck dick

  23. MrSQUETCH says:

    There’s a male with the youtube screen name “electroexecutoid” that is having some difficulty adjusting to his new life. He was diagnosed with the AIDS virus last April, and an ex girlfriend of mine he trusted at one point accidentally leaked out the information that he’s dying of AIDS. So, we all pitched in and decided to make a video in his honor..and,since he lost all his hair, he’s now making up things about mine.strange. the title is called “electroexecutoid has aids”. THANKS FOR WATCHING!

  24. thegreenangelsoul says:

    Berlin december 2010 14-20th, lukemia bone marrow transplant cures aides, 32.9 million people have aides, 30 million in america alone have that gene that makes a person HIV immune, copy and paste this! worldwide cure off the bat within 2 years!

  25. shirleysw21 says:

    @pozlove You tell the truth but many may not feel the same. When I found out I thought I would not get marry or have children. The only reason I lasting this long is because of that hope which is fading. Someone told me with my negitive thinking I must want to die and truthfully I think I do. Hope keep some living I think but I alone is losing that. So what can be said to poz people to keep them hoping to live longer?

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