Yogurt recipe (How To Make Fresh Healthy Homemade Yogurt)

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www.afghanistan-culture.com Making a Fresh, Healthy and Cheap yogurt is really simple and it doesn’t take that long to make it. Watch this video & checkout my site for more recipes at www.afghanistan-culture.com.

25 Responses for “Yogurt recipe (How To Make Fresh Healthy Homemade Yogurt)”

  1. 0987654321libra says:

    Good vid, well presented. Just forgot to mention that it won’t work in a colder climate, (as observed by others). Nonetheless for that, it looked rather delicious.

  2. AfghanResistance says:

    Thank you for the upload. one question can i add culture from yogurt made from cows milk if i am making yogurt from buffalo milk. Thank you

  3. xxxTHExDEADxMANxxx says:

    thx for the vid

  4. loveuafg1 says:

    wow really Simple Delicious Recipes

  5. crazielao says:

    How do you make your own culture???

  6. KingNayilz says:

    Thanks.I have tried this method before-except I poured it into a Thermos to thicken and set. It worked better for me than leaving it in the pot.

  7. kastnmagic says:

    Fantastic video!! Thank you for sharing your culture with others!! :o)

  8. yo9757 says:

    do we wait for it to cool after boiling when it is hot but dosent burn your finger

  9. HigherrConsciousness says:

    aweosme videoo thanks man !

  10. SamJigga says:

    wow! it looks awesome. I’ll try this tomorrow!! Thanks a lot for this video!

  11. pandorachild says:

    @rfwelsh prob warmer in his climate.

  12. tankarian says:

    ya habibi ya mustafa excellent job ,very good and thick yogurt,Thank you

  13. choorijamadar says:

    @afghanistanculture09 but its not there…there’s only like 3 recipes up there….

  14. punkkimiko says:

    thanks so much ^^. i cant wait to try it

  15. afghanistanculture09 says:

    @choorijamadar get the recipe from the site above.

  16. choorijamadar says:

    hi can u PLEASE teach us how to make afghani polaw..mainly the “fruit” part of it ..plzzzz..thx

  17. Timerooy says:

    Could you show us how to make the yogurt culture start itself in the first place? 🙁

  18. 1986ant1986 says:

    If I want to add some flavour from some strawberries or banana when would I add this? Could I do it before it turns into yogert?

  19. rfwelsh says:

    I tried your recipe with a little skepticism and to my surprise, I actually found something resembling yogurt this morning. Other videos show people draining away the water so I did the same thing. I also found the yogurt to be runny (after 10 hours of setting). How is it that you can make such fluffy yogurt without keeping your yogurt in heat all night long? Other videos show people using their ovens or heating pads. But not yours….strange.

  20. TheSweetSea says:

    Thank you! I have tried to make yogurt using a few different methods and failed. Your instructions worked perfectly! Delicious!

  21. mini020107 says:

    @mizzdidi yes skim milk works just boil milk more around 5 min

  22. afghanistanculture09 says:

    Hi everyone, Thanks for the great and kind comments on my down to the earth yogurt recipe. 🙂

  23. afghanistanculture09 says:

    @afgh4peace I will make more recipe clips when I get a chance, hopefully soon.

  24. afghanistanculture09 says:

    @mizzdidi Hi, I haven’t tried skim milk and not sure if it works.

  25. mizzdidi says:

    Hi, can I use skim milk to make the yogurt?

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