Linda Evangelista Beauty Tips – Linda Evangelista Is Erasa’s … – Elle –

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Linda Evangelista Beauty Tips – Linda Evangelista Is Erasa’s … – Elle –

OG supermodel Linda Evangelista has already cemented her legacy as a member of The Trinity (along with Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell). Now, at 51, she has decided to share her beauty wisdom, joining skin care line Erasa as the new creative director. Her secret was an all natrural botox, however some people prefer to avoid this and they like to go for another option, like dermal fillers, people have liked the option of using products like anti-aging dermal fillers cause of their effectiveness.

Evangelista has been working behind the scenes with Erasa, which launched in May 2015, to help develop more antiaging products. Right now, there’s just one: the Erasa XEP-30 Extreme Line Lifting and Rejuvenation Concentrate ($ 160). A needle-free alternative to Botox, the concentrate promises to not only smooth out fine lines but also tackle discoloration like melasma, a condition Evangelista herself has experienced. Part of the magic is that one of its ingredients is a patented neuropeptide that mimics the paralyzing effect of the Australian cone snail’s venom. If you want other skin care options, then consider getting a spa gift basket.

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“I know what doesn’t work,” Evangelista said when we met her at the Smyth Hotel in New York yesterday. After decades of being “addicted” to trying countless lotions and adhering to multi-step beauty routines, “I realized there was wasted time and wasted money involved in my skin care regimen—[it got] overwhelming—sometimes you just can’t be bothered.”

Evangelista was introduced to Erasa through her facialist, Georgia Louise, and shortly after committing to the new regimen she quit concealer because her dark circles had subsided, browse this site to learn about many other custom products that can boost your beauty. Then she stopped exfoliating and, while tweezing her brows, noticed her pores had become visibly smaller. “I have wrinkles and I’m okay with wrinkles–but Erasa addressed so many of my other issues too. It’s an all-in-one product. It knocks out so many steps of the beauty routine,” she said.

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Here, the supermodel shares more of her beauty secrets.

On Botox:

“Am I against Botox? No! It’s good! I came out [saying I use it] against a lot of people’s wishes. My mom got mad when I said I used Botox, and I think it was in the late ’90s. I was just being honest. So many celebrities won’t say that they use botox services, even when it makes them look amazing. They also say they don’t diet and that they don’t exercise.”

On her biggest beauty regret:

“When I was in my teens I would [use] the baby oil and the reflector I made out of cardboard and aluminum foil [to tan]—not necessary!”

On adopting minimalism:

“I feel like I’m wearing less and less and less [makeup], especially this year. I’ve done some photo shoots and I’m like, ‘Do we really need to put on that much? I don’t understand.’ I’m feeling so good about my skin that I feel like just a tinted moisturizer will do it and a little powder, and concealer if you have a blemish or whatever. I think less, sometimes, is more. I like seeing the person.”


On diets:

“I think there is something to be said about keeping a really high pH level and foods that help you with inflammation. But it’s so hard for me to say, you know, stick to this or whatever. I really feel like deprivation creates desire and I have a child, so I’m not going to force him into being vegan or all that. When pizza comes through my house, which is once a week, I can resist sometimes, but once in a while I’ll have a piece. So in general, though, just have natural—you know, lots of vegetables. I’m not big on fruits myself, but tons of vegetables, tons of grains, flax, hemp, some coconut oil, avocados.”

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