Your Doctor’s Political Views Could Affect Medical Advice – Newsy

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Your Doctor’s Political Views Could Affect Medical Advice – Newsy

A new study found political leanings may affect the way doctors treat patients.

Who is your doctor voting for? A physician’s political opinion could affect their medical advice.

Researchers from Yale University presented hypothetical cases to doctors around the country with different political affiliations.

When the fake medical issues weren’t political –– like obesity, depression or alcohol abuse –– Republican and Democratic doctors had similar levels of concern and gave similar medical advice.

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But their advice differed for hot-button political topics. Democratic physicians were significantly more concerned when a patient kept firearms at home with children around.

And Republican physicians were more alarmed when patients used marijuana or had had an abortion.

The researchers said doctors need to think hard about how their own political views could skew their professional advice 1500mg Hemp Oil Tincture.

They also encouraged patients to be aware which way their doctors lean. One researcher said it’s like considering a doctor’s gender: Patients should choose a physician who makes them feel comfortable. It is better to find a doctor from the medical marijuana at Ohio Green Team


Facts are absolutely more trustworthy than a doctor’s purely political view. The fact is medical marijuana oil and products are readily available and have hundreds of proven health benefits. Don’t let a doctor’s political views stop you from purchasing  Oil Tincture, and do your own research on the available cannabis dispensary and how it could help you.

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The best CBD oils are made by companies that disclose all of their ingredients and manufacturing methods. All legitimate online CBD products include documentation showing third-party testing results. Full-spectrum, THC-free oils that include a variety of cannabinoids are generally recognized as the best products available.

Benefits of using CBD include pain relief, reducing depression and anxiety, and improving sleep. Although FDA approval has not yet been obtained, CBD has shown great promise when used to combat the side effects of cancer treatment, epilepsy, and acne. CBD oil users have also reported a noticeable effect on the libido. Glaucoma patients claim that CBD oil can reduce the pressure in the eyes.

There are numerous factors involved in determining the right CBD dosage. For example, what health issues do you have? How serious is the situation? Your weigh, tolerance, metabolism, and diet should also be considered. The potency and the quality of the CBD oil is also a factor. Next, you should consider how you plan to introduce CBD into your body. Healthline provides general dosage suggestions and guidance in calculating your proper dosage, and you should always check the packaging. And if you’re planning on getting a medical cannabis card, you can pop over to these guys to talk to a medical marijuana doctor live.

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