Must-know workout tips from Ochosystem founder and Nike trainer … – AOL News

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Must-know workout tips from Ochosystem founder and Nike trainer … – AOL News

Joe Holder is a name in the fitness world you need to know.

Holder’s interest in fitness and the development of fitness programs like private online training began when he was young, stemming from his parents’ influence and his involvement in sports and training, including the use of supplements to improve this training such as steroids and sarms, and the right dosages for this, and we can learn about this in sites as SARMsWorld online and others. He says, “I was lucky to have spent my childhood near the Nashville sports arena  and in the hindsight, without sports, I wouldn’t be the man I am today. We always saw fitness as a way to not just increase our physical aptitude but our cognitive aptitude too.” If you have been struggling with weight loss for quite a bit, then you may just need to try body contouring to see how it’ll help you tighten loose skin around your body.

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Holder has built up a system called the Ochosystem, which takes a holistic approach to health and wellness that involves eating right and training well.

We had the chance to chat with Holder about some of his fitness tips — you can see his full session in the video above!

Here are some main takeaways from his chat:

  • Don’t just go right into your cardio, start with a workout to get your body heated up and muscles loosened — try a jump rope
  • Foam rollers can be used to get blood flowing and get knots out of your muscles
  • Some good warm-ups moves: knee-ups, quad pulls, hamstring scoops, and more
  • Check out the video above for the full workout!

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