Without food & water Maditation-Maha Yogi Darshan in Himalaya-2

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Shubh darshan of Kaulantak Peethadheeshwar Maha Yogi Satyandar Nath Ji Maharaj in Himalya.Many times Maha Yogi lived without food & water in samadhi.In this samadhi he lived with out food & water & without passing stool & urin for 13 days in Siddha Bhoomi Solang Nala Manali Himachal Pradesh India.
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19 Responses for “Without food & water Maditation-Maha Yogi Darshan in Himalaya-2”

  1. linaprincesa7 says:

    yes its called ty pyar ka sagar hai !!! from old hindi movie! absolutely beautiful..

  2. 29sufi says:

    this is hindi movie song

  3. 29sufi says:

    friends this is not mantra nor bhajan this is song of hindi movie

  4. linaprincesa7 says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song playing? I believe it is a Bhajan…. and it’s not Israeli

  5. micimacko33 says:

    SOUNDS A BIT LIKE ISRAELIAN music. god did not leave this world. god is near of each of us and tries to draw us to him.

  6. iSethAmOfLight says:

    @kkhullar68 do you know the name of the song? or the mantra

  7. iSethAmOfLight says:

    whats the name of this mantra/song?

  8. devender384 says:


  9. hedgeexchange says:

    Outstanding.. Very pure and deep video.. Bravo to the Creators of the video.

  10. ambrosialnectar says:

    Om Namah Shivaye

  11. Murugapakthan says:

    Thank you for the beautiful translation. Thank you Lord.

  12. mamzilla says:

    amazing ! i dn know what he sings about but its wonderful music!!! thanks

  13. taralotti says:

    @kkhullar68 Thank you so much for taking the time to translate this beautiful song, which touched my heart. Most grateful to you! May you always be blessed, guided and protected by the Universal Divine forces of Love, wisdom and compassion.Om Namah Shivaya. Regards Maria (taralotti)

  14. kkhullar68 says:

    Balance of the song ….
    here ‘life’ sings her song to you, but death is just on the other corner. who knows where is the border between the two, and that makes me confused (about it all)…please just whisper in my ears (my lord) from what direction we come and go to.
    You (the lord) are the ocean of love, we yearn for a drop of your affection and direction

  15. kkhullar68 says:

    The song goes like this :
    you are the ocean of affection, (repeated few times)
    the wild bird of the shattered heart is trying hard to fly away, the wings ae soft, the eyes are unclear, and the journey beyond the oceans of life is far, only you (lord) can make us understand where we lost the path (of the real life).

  16. Nacluw says:

    This makes me think about whether or not the universe has a plan for humanity. This lost society.

  17. Rohan4basu says:

    @taralotti its something about love and ummm the banks (like of a river) of river and taking away from pain. I don’t think its religious but i’m 15 and grew up in canada my hindi is not too good.

  18. taralotti says:

    Is this a spiritual song? Can someone advise or let us know what is it talking about?
    It touches the heart and brings tears in my eyes.Thank you.

  19. Nacluw says:

    What’s the song?

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